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Mr. Janitskin Is Free

The founder of the MV magazine, Ilja Janitskin, has been released from the transfer to Finland for legal proceedings. In Catalonia, Andorra, the court issued its decision on 19 December 2017 not to transfer Mr Janitskin to Finland, even though the Finnish State had so requested. In this last play, the prosecutor did not even come to trial. In the previous trial, according to a judge, the prosecutor’s case was inadequate or was unable to prove the requirements for transfer from the Finnish law.

Finnish Public Prosecutor and Ministry of Justice used Interpol’s search warrant for the hunting of Mr. Janitskin. He was first arrested in a previous home in Barcelona where he was drugged with drugs.

Later, he was imprisoned for two months on the same matter, in connection with the publication he founded and the false claims based on it. The Andoran court gave the prosecutor more time to collect evidence and arguments for Mr Janitskin’s transfer to Finland, but the prosecutor failed. Since the imprisonment, Mr. Janitskin’s deprivation of liberty has continued uninterruptedly until today. According to NewsWars’ calculations, Mr Janiskin’s freedom was deprived of 137 days because he published a magazine.

Arto Alanenpää, NewsWars, Finland.